Oyotunji African Village to host First Grass-roots Assembly

Friday, May 4, 2012

Historical precedent

Sheldon, S.C. (April 17, 2012)- On May 6,1957 HRH, Oba Oseijeman Efuntola Adefunmi I, planned and carried out an African Freedom Day which consisted of parade on horseback through Central Park in the heart of Harlem. The participants wore African garments made by Adefunmi himself. Oba Wo Aja made the first call... He aroused ancient ancestors, awakened America to Orisa, unveiled the African-American common Egungun, connected the black community to the primordial system of Ifa worship and induced them to what it meant to be AFRICAN! 55 years later HRM Oba Adejuyigbe Adefunmi II is regenerating the movement for Pan-African progression; action fueled by groundbreaking unity.


History alive

From June 29 to July 1 at the kingdom of Oyotunji African Village (56 Bryant Lane Sheldon, S.C. 29941) will host the inaugural Pan-African Grassroots Assembly in conjunction with HRM Yoruba Assembly Movement. Early Bird registration for the pan-African grass-roots assembly is $99/Adult with children under 18 free can be accessed. Opening ceremony to begin promptly June 29th at 3:00pm at the Afin gate on sacred grounds at The Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village.

This weekend-long assembly will incubate purposeful discussions, think tanks, labs and workshops in areas of practical application of Orisa worship, midwifery, women in Ifa, reclaiming Yoruba spirituality, ancestor veneration, Ifa naming ceremony, homeschooling, Ifa and kabala, polygamy and polyandry and its place in Yoruba culture, Oyotunji male and female rites of passage, post traumatic slavery disorder, agriculture/agronomy, homosexuality/lesbianism and many more. Confirmed speakers and Moderators include HRM Oba Adejuyigbe Adefunmi II, Iya Omi Oni Awo Fasi Irunsewe, Chief Olaitan, Nan Iyalode Osunsi, Chief Alagba Oyewole, Chief Kolade Awoyade and H.E. Igbo Iyalase Oloye Aina Olomo.

According to the release made available online, interested persons who wish to lead a workshop, think tank or lab should submit essay to be considered as a facilitator, moderator, discussion leader or workshop coordinator.

According to the release, the essays should be no more than 250 words in length and should include specific areas of interest, 45-minute session outline, materials required and contact information.

The realease also informs that the Steering Committee for the Pan-African grassroots assembly is currently in search of individuals, businesses, organisations, Egbes, Iles/temples and communities interested in serving as volunteers and strategic partners.