Suicide bombing: FG uncovers 'political Boko Haram' *Alleged sponsors under close watch *CIA, SSS, Mi5, MOSSAD, KGB move in

Written by Taiwo Adisa and Christian Okeke, Abuja
Thursday, September 1, 2011

INTELLIGENCE networks working on the incessant bomb blasts being perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect are said to have uncovered what is called "political Boko Haram," said to be the brains behind some recent attacks by the group.


Sources in the administration told the Nigerian Tribune that signals from the Intelligence networks had consistently been pointing to the involvement of certain political forces in the Boko Haram menace.

The plot, according to a report already in possession of the administration, was to consistently put it under check and eventually derail its programmes.

The political Boko Haram was said to be the brain child of some influential persons, who were said to have recently linked up with the original Boko Haram to execute their agenda.

"There are two wings of Boko Haram. Contrary to the claim that the group got split into two camps, the two original camps are still one on the religious front. But right now, the intelligence agencies have uncovered the religious Boko Haram and the political Boko Haram," a source said on Wednesday.

The source said the fight of the political Boko Haram was a 2015 battle, adding that it was aimed at positioning some elements in the northern part of Nigeria as veritable candidates to inherit power.

It was learnt that the said sponsors of political Boko Haram were pushing to recoup whatever they felt they had lost in the years of the late president, Alhaji Umaru Yar'Adua and President Goodluck Jonathan.

"While the religious Boko Haram operates from Maiduguri, Borno State and they believe that they will not relent until they revenge the killing of their leader, Mohammed Yusuf, the political Boko Haram has seen the sect as a strong medium to push a sectional agenda," a source said.

It was learnt that some top political figures were already under close watch as a result of the discovery, as the administration had also sent words to the international community about the dimensions of what is regarded as "contrived insecurity" in Nigeria.

"The government already has full intelligence on all those involved. Their identities are being unfolded every day. It is clear that they lately saw the need to lump an unclear religious agenda and another shadowy political move together," a source stated.

It was learnt that all previous utterances and posturing of certain key politicians are being further X-rayed, in an attempt to fully analyse the dimensions of the political Boko Haram.

A source also confirmed that the international intelligence networks, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Israel's MOSSAD, the Mi5 in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Russian KGB were already in the full picture of the security grand plan.

UK High Commission reviews security arrangements

Following the bomb blast which ripped through the United Nations House in Abuja, security arrangements at the United Kingdom High Commissions across the country are currently being reviewed.

The review, according to findings by the Nigerian Tribune, was going to affect operations of the embassy in the country.

Confirming this to the Nigerian Tribune, the spokesperson of the commission, Hooman Nouruzi, however, said the commission would resume full range of services today after the sallah holidays.

He said commission would continue to operate a full visa service in the country, though there were likely to be some delays in the processing of applications.

"We ask that those wishing to apply for a UK visa do so at least one month ahead of planned travel dates," he said.